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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Celebrate your sexual spiritual life this Valentine’s

Saint Valentine was martyred after imprisonment for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Thus began Valentine’s Day. Even now, soldiers are officially banned from sex while on deployment in many democratic armies. The point assumes the question: does abstinence create war? Not necessarily. Humans are independent sexual and spiritual beings. So long as we accept and circulate our sexual energy handing it to creative expression we stay happy. Sexual repression can happen to anyone and take any shape or form, and diagnosis could be black, white or any shade of grey.

In an Osho discourse on sexual repression he indicates a delicate relationship between sexual repression and anger. The more repressed, the more angry. Go figure. Sexuality is our birthright and belongs to the natural world. Babies aren’t born angry. It’s one step removed from organic human urges. The logic follows: without anger there is no war or soldiers to fight one. In that respect, nations are deeply interested in creating opportunities for guilt and repression.

Regardless of Valentine’s origins, its a modern intimate holy day. Guised to celebrate love, the color red, of the first chakra and sex center, the heart rules the day. Sex is the beginning of creation and holds infinite possibilities, literally and metaphysically. Why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day by moving cheerfully past any hesitation to express healthfully your sexual energy. This could be anything from wearing a silky, provocative dress, to making requests to a partner for certain sensual favors.

Whether one is in a relationship or going solo, the essential sex happens inside each of us with the mating of our divine feminine and masculine. The result: blissful integration and spiritual awakening that can last a lifetime.
Happy Valentine’s!

Yolessa K. Lawrinnce

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