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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Join Andrew Aloha “Live” with Andrew Aloha & Co-Host Jessica Marrocco in “The Ascended Entrepreneur”, SuNite, 7 – 8:30 pm AZT, 19 October 2014

Join Andrew Aloha “Live”

with Andrew Aloha & Co-Host Jessica Marrocco

in “The Ascended Entrepreneur”

Andrew Aloha

Jessica Marrocco

SuNite, 19 October 2014

From 7 – 8:30pm AZT

A Spiritual Image Production’s Event

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Andrew Aloha is Executive Producer of Spiritual Image Productions who’s mission, goal, purpose is to “Establish & Maintain Right Relationships Thru Human Values”. Aloha is also a Radio Show Host for nearly five years, innnerviewing with people from all over the world who have been on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, History Channel, Coast to Coast, Gaiam TV, OM Magazine and more. Jessica (Arael) Marrocco is an intuitive reader with access to the Akashic Records. She is also a Life Coach, Author, Storyteller, and does Meditation Journey Classes.....for more on this story go to

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Andrew Aloha

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A Big Aloha to the following for underwriting our show:

Maha Dakini - Lorae Lauritch @

Maha Dakini-Lorae's life has been a personal journey exploring sexuality and spirituality for over twenty years. She is a Certified Tantric Counselor and Tantric Healer, and a certified Mind-Sound teacher. Maha Dakini-Lorae is also a graduate of Margot Anand's yearlong Sky Dancing Tantra Facilitator Training program. And, is a current member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Councilors and Therapists, and charter member of the Association of Sexual Energy Professionals. She regularly attends trainings & conferences to keep current with the latest research and information in Sexual Education.

90 Day Ascension Journey @

When you sign up for the 90 Day Ascension Journey you will be facilitated with finding or redefining your Soul Life or True Life Purpose. You will be assisted with finding out what ascension means to you. On this Journey you will be provided with the necessary tools and techniques that it takes to empower you to connect or reconnect with yourself, your emotions, feelings, mind, body and/or spirit. Through a soul centered process you will go through a life long transformation process that will allow you to move forward with your endeavors, and never look back if you dare.

Jessica Marrocco @

Jessica (Arael) Marrocco is an intuitive reader who sees moving images of past lives and other various imagery. Her primary mode of operation is to access a person's Akashic Records, though also utilizes her other gifts of Psychic Intuitive, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Mediumship, Past Life Regressionist, Tarot, Tea leaf/Scryer, Lemurian Healer, and Fae Journeyer or Shamanic drummer. She is also a Life Coach, Author, Storyteller, and does Meditation Journey Classes.

ZaKaiRan Sheehan @

ZaKaiRan Sheehan teaches you How to Co-Create Heaven on Earth, how to become empowered to co-create heaven in your life, how to master the Law of Attraction to make your dreams come true, and learn tips on how to focus your energy and attention in a consistent and persistent way so that you can be healthy, wealthy and happy! Ask questions! Find out the secrets of the universe! Find out how easy creating heaven on earth is in your life! ZaKaiRan is an emissary of love and light completely dedicated to the awakening of humanity to their full mastery, and the co-creation of heaven on earth!

Hamilton Magtibay @

Hamilton Magtibay’s informal relationship counseling experiences come from being a bartender and personal trainer years ago when he heard numerous stories about love and relationships. Now, Magtibay is Co-Owner and Co-Founder of™,who’s mission is to provide a Safe Online Dating & Relationship Community. He’s also author to the eBook “Weekend Warrior: a no holds barred and no nonsense approach to starting your own weight loss and health & fitness program”.

Bhavna Wellness group @

On 22nd December 2014, join Bhavna Srivastava for a Wellness day on the Golden Light Retreat. Grow your spiritual journey and connect within yourself and with the Universe, be a part of this Golden Aquarian Era. Likewise, from 7 – 15 February 2015, join Srivastava for a unique and exclusive Wellness & Spiritual Retreat for the seekers of Health, Happiness, Prosperity, peace and spirituality. Help create a higher vibration for everyone so that can you stay in that vibration even after the retreat when you come back in your life. This is a calling for Bhavna to help raise people's vibration into beautiful higher vibration of peace & love.

Lauren Weiss @

Lauren Weiss, Coordinator for the Tucson Psychic Fair/Holistic Expo in Tucson, Arizona is also a Psychic Medium. Her favorite question is “Why?” and “How come?” The trials and tribulations of her journey took her on a spiritual path. She thought everyone experienced the same thing. Through her experiences today she is a psychic/medium, intuitive counselor, trance channel, Tarot card reader, teacher author/writer. Her book “Be Honest With Yourself” is now available. Lauren is also the host of the popular call-in show, Voice of the Angels, a radio program that airs on Wednesday evenings at 8 PM.

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